Although the village is mainly libertine, in no way will you feel obliged to do anything. Here the word is clear: No means No!

Dressed sexy, extravagant or more classic, there is no judgement whatever your morphology or age.

Photos are forbidden on the beach and in the clubs in order to respect everyone’s privacy.


The naturist village is a place to relax but also to celebrate!

In the evenings there is a bustle of activity in the village with numerous bars, restaurants and clubs. Whatever the place, it is a meeting place. But it’s also a party in your dressing room! There are no limits to dress extravagance. You can be yourself or someone else without any judgment … On the contrary!


In the village you will find a multitude of restaurants for all tastes and budgets. Here is our selection.

The Waiki

The waiki beach restaurant offers traditional dishes, which are beautifully crafted. The spotlight with its swimming pool is ideal for a wonderful time.

04 67 26 32 34

The Piment Vert

Elected winner travellers’ choice 2020 on tripadvisor, the green chilli pepper is a table where quality is the order of the day. You will be warmly welcomed by a professional staff. A la carte prices start at 20 €.

09 83 08 52 08

Vanille Fraise

Flo and Enzo welcome you every days in this snack bar located in the centre of port nature, a favourite place for night owls. After midnight you can still order burgers, chips and sandwiches.


The Bistrot

The bistro formulas are a must in the village. Everything is homemade and the prices are quite reasonable. As well as eating well, you will meet some very nice people.

04 67 26 39 38

The QG

The HQ is the restaurant of the Eros café. Here you will be welcomed by a team of top-notch staff who take great care of you. Meat or fish, you will not be disappointed.

06 06 54 07 17

Jardin Secret

Restaurant with a magnificent terrace in Port Ambonne, the Jardin Secret offers a generous menu served by quality staff. Reservations are highly recommended.

04 99 47 91 57

Day activities

In season, there is no shortage of daytime activities in the naturist village. Access to some establishments is reserved for couples only.

The Waiki

Every Saturday and Sunday the Waiki organises its famous pool party. James Mac and many guests will set your afternoons alight.

04 67 26 32 34

The Glamour beach

It is unthinkable to spend a stay in the village without visiting the Glamour Beach. Pool and Mousse party of anthologies. Reserved exclusively for couples.

04 67 39 32 86

Histoire d’ô

Histoire d’Ô is a libertine sauna located in Port Ambonne. It is open all year round and offers a couple’s area and a mixed area.

06 83 18 14 45


In July and August, the Jardin de Babylone, AGN’s hotel residence, organises POOL PARTYs. Some take place in the afternoon, others in the evening. Entrance only for couples.

04 67 26 12 62

The Kamasutra

The KAMASUTRA is a libertine Sauna located under “La piscine”. They are located close to the sea in a natural harbour. It is possible to buy access to either of the establishments. Only men are accepted.

06 33 21 32 23

The Paralia

The paralia beach club is a private beach that organises superb Before Parties on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays in July and August.

04 67 93 50 28

Night activities

In the evening, the naturist village comes to life and offers a multitude of activities to the libertines. Night bars, clubs, extravagant and sexy outfits are on offer.

The Glamour

The Glamour is one of the biggest libertine clubs in Europe with a capacity of more than 1000 couples. You will be able to enjoy a space of more than 500 m² dedicated to cuddles. 7/7 in high season and weekends in low season.

04 67 01 55 49

The Tantra

Tantra is a libertine club located near the sea in Port Nature. It is open from March to September. A patio is reserved for couples with an outdoor bar and four-poster beds. On the ground floor is the dance floor.

04 67 37 29 69


Brand new libertine club proposed by the Loundge team located on the port. Single men accepted on selection.

04 67 26 93 26


QAKC has moved to Port Nature from Jul’s. The atmosphere is still gay friendly and all couples. The music is very electro techno to take you into the wee hours.

04 67 26 15 92

The Clair Obscur

The clair obscur is the BDSM club in the village. It is open 7 days a week in the high season and one weekend a month in the low season. It is imperative to respect the dress code: leather, vinyl or latex or at least wear black clothes.

04 67 90 20 35

The Crystal

Formerly the “Jeux de mains”, this small club is very well maintained and is reserved for a well-informed public. Single men are welcome.

04 67 39 69 69

The Bars

The Night Bars are the unmissable gathering places in the evening. Each bar has its own atmosphere, style and eclectic choice.

Arche II

Located in Port Nature 5, in the heart of the evening bustle, Arche II sets the summer nights alight. You will discover an atmosphere of “madness”.

04 99 41 10 43

The Melrose

The Melrose is undoubtedly the mythical night bar of the naturist village. It was completely renovated in 2020. From 22H00 the atmosphere arrives and the place heats up to the sound of Nola, the resident Dj. It is reserved for couples only.

04 67 37 79 56

Eros Café

The Eros Café is the largest Bar before libertin in the naturist village. Located at Port Nature 5, it welcomes you every evening from May 1st to September 30th from 10pm, Fridays and Saturdays out of season. This establishment is exclusively reserved for couples.

06 06 54 07 17

The Look

This night bar is located in Port Nature 5, like most night bars where everyone meets. It is the place of choice for the Gay and Gay-Friendly community. This does not prevent everyone from being welcome as long as they are open-minded.

04 67 26 30 42


Tynou and Kas welcome you to Gipetto for a drink and tapas in Héliopolis. In the evenings, there are plenty of themed evenings on offer, all in a spirit unique to the village.
Bookings recommended.

04 67 11 07 22

La cave se rebiffe

As its name suggests, this night bar offers the possibility to taste a multitude of extremely well selected wines. The staff will always be able to advise you according to your expectations and tastes. This place offers a terrace with a view of the Port where you can feel really good.

06 09 24 67 30

And more

In high season, you can live in total autonomy inside the village. Supermarkets, hairdressers, bakeries, butchers, beauty salons, shops … The village shopkeepers will be able to satisfy your needs.